North Carolina Appellate Attorney

Experienced Help With Civil, Criminal and Family Law Appeals

As an appellate rules committee member since 2007 and an accomplished North Carolina appeals attorney with more than 20 years of experience, I work to provide the knowledge and legal resources to a diverse range of clients in appellate cases. Whether you are seeking to have a ruling overturned or upheld, I apply my experience of having handled over 150 appeals in my career to your case.

Based from my office in Greensboro, North Carolina, I work with clients throughout the state in criminal and civil appeals. As a trusted appellate lawyer, I handle appeals by referral from other counsel.

Complete Legal Service

The clients I work with are comforted knowing that they have experienced appellate counsel to defend or seek to set aside the trial judgment in appellate court. From drafting briefs to oral arguments, my office can help in cases involving:
Appeals demand a skill set and an approach different from the initial case, and having someone on your side who understands the key differences in building an appeal is critical. I bring the same commitment to thorough and knowledgeable practice to these cases as I do to every other aspect of my legal practice. While not every case will or should go to appeal, those that do need dependable representation to be successful.
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To set up an appointment at my Greensboro office to discuss your appeal, call 336-274-0352. You can also reach my office online to schedule your consultation or to request more information.
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